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If you are looking to get started in an information technology career don’t necessarily think that you have to shell out a large sum of money in order to get trained and certified. While there are a lot of paid online it course options there are also quite a few sites that offer free online IT courses. In this article, we’re going to go over the top 10 places online to earn a free IT education to help take your career to the next level. 

 1. Alison

One of the leading providers of free online IT training is Alison if you have not yet heard of Alison then you might have been hiding under a rock. Alison offers popular topics such as networking security, cloud computing, internet marketing and much more.

Amazingly Alison also allows students to earn diplomas after taking their free IT courses. It really just does not get any better than that. The only thing you have to commit to is the time to learn the material.

 2. EDX.org

Another great source for free online Information Technology courses is Edx.org.  They currently offer over 1,600 free courses from some of the top universities and have in their catalog over 500 IT courses alone.

As you can see this resource is practically invaluable.  With IT courses from Harvard, Microsoft, Berkeley, Caltech, Georgetown and many more. Not only are you going to have access too many free online IT classes but also some of the most reputable education on the planet.

 3. Coursera

Another source for free IT certificate courses online is Coursera unbelievably Coursera offers over 1900 free certification courses and 382 of these are in computer science alone.

With this sort of access To free online IT education, you can no longer make any more excuses to get ahead and become a more valuable member of your company and to potential employers.


4. Class Central

The next online IT educator we are going to cover is Class Central. They offer 140 free online information technology courses and 99 of these come with a certificate.

Some of these courses include introduction to Linux, introduction to computer networking, enterprise system management and security, windows server management and security, system center 2016 building clouds, Office 365 SharePoint online administrator, moving to the cloud, introduction to the internet, working with TCP/IP, rapid deployment of Sap Solutions, configuring Linux web servers and much more. And for only needing to allocate as little as 6 hours per week you can also enroll in these courses for free.

 5. Code Camp

Another popular free online IT educator is Code Camp. With many universities around the world now offering free online courses, code camp takes full advantage of this. They have over 560 free online courses to further your IT programming education and the great thing about these courses is there are entry points for just about any skill level.

The levels cover three categories from beginner, intermediate to advanced. Another Plus is a lot of the courses are self-paced. And if you are looking for programming courses they list 155 beginner courses from introduction to computer science and programming, using python, introduction to HTML 5, introduction to VBA, Excel programming, JavaScript and the Dom, introduction to css3, creative programming for digital media and mobile apps and many more.

 6. British Council

Continuing on to the next free online IT educator is the British Council. I know this sounds more like a governing body than a school but believe it or not the council is currently offering over 200 free online courses.

These are not just any generic courses either they are from prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. And the great thing about taking these classes is you do not even need live in the UK. You can get unlimited access to the courses and take the classes at your own pace. Upon completion, you will even receive digital certificates!

 7. Open Culture

Another amazing resource for taking free online it courses is Open Culture. They currently offer over 1,300 free online courses including courses from the world’s leading universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Yale and more. What is also great about open culture is you can also download video courses and audio courses straight to your PC or iPod.

With over 45,000 hours of free video and audio lectures, the amount of learning is almost unlimited. Some of their free computer science courses include algorithm design and analysis, Android development, artificial intelligence, introduction to robotics, building Dynamic websites, coding apps for iPhone and iPad, computer architecture, computer graphic, computer system engineering, Harvard introductory to computer science, introduction to AI robotics and a lot more.

 8. Study.com

Another solid resource for finding free online courses in education is Study.com. They are more of a reference site though but have gathered a large selection of many of the free course offerings from around the internet on one page. And a valuable resource at that. 

 9. OEDb

If you are looking for the largest provider of free online college and IT courses then you may want to check out OEDb. This massive online education database currently has over 10,000 free online classes including many in IT technology from some of the leading universities.

 10. Udemy

Last but least another well-known online IT educator is Udemy and they offer free online IT courses including learning Ruby on Rails, becoming an Android developer, becoming a stack developer with sprain, AWS, and stripe, learning python, learning Android 4.0 programming in Java, learning responsive web development, beginner Photoshop, AWS Concepts, and many more.

Well now that you have a list of 1000s of free online IT courses to take what are you waiting for? Get studying!

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