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Today more than ever we are in a tech-based skill economy. Most fields have been impacted by rapid technological changes that are sweeping the landscape at an ever accelerating rate. Whether you are seeking a new career or just trying to stay afloat at your current job. Let’s face it if you are not learning new skills employers will likely take notice and perhaps place less value on you.

You really have 2 options here: you can become part of the top earners and learn the in-demand skills or you can sit at the bottom 50% of the workforce who happen to not have the modern-day tech skills required to get ahead. If you’re in search of the good life obtaining the right education can catapult you’re earning potential and the difference can be huge. Anywhere between 3-5 times the amount of what a nonskilled worker in today’s job market makes.

So what is the best way to get an in-demand certification or degree? Well, now more than ever people are learning the skills required today in the comforts of their own home through online IT sites such as Coursera. What separates Coursera from many of the of the other online learning sites? Well for starts they are partnered with some of the top universities around the world.

Coursera has partnerships with 172 learning institutions in over 28 countries. They also offer over 2,900 courses to choose from. Some of their partners include The University of Maryland, The University of Pennsylvania, California Institute of the Arts, The University of Chicago, The University of Michigan, Stanford University and many more.

Signing up with Coursera is free and you simply just click the join button on their homepage and fill out a quick form. One of the things that really sets Coursera apart from some of its competitors is the fact you will be able to earn college accredited degrees 100% online. That is pretty amazing, right?

For instance, you can earn a Masters of Computer Science Degree from Arizona State University, a Master of Computer Science in Data Science at the University of Illinois or a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of London. Or perhaps you’re looking for a Master of Applied Data Science Degree from the University of Michigan. The options are almost endless. Simply choose the certificate or degree you want to pursue from a supported school to get started.

If you’re pursuing data science Coursera offers 10 courses from John Hopkins University as well as 5 courses for deep learning. Other options include machine learning from Stanford University or applied data science with python at the University of Michigan. You can also obtain a certificate in Data Structures and Algorithms at the University of California or statistics with R at Duke University. 

Some other popular online courses include the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate and Python Programming for Everybody at the University of Michigan, developing applications with Google cloud neural networks, deep learning and advanced machine learning. Coursera also has courses for mathematics and machine learning at the Imperial College in London and blockchain at the State University of New York. 

A typical class at Coursera online consists of watching recorded assignments from some of the world’s top professors including video lectures. You will be assigned an interactive textbook for each class that features instructional videos, tests, and projects. You will also have access to discussion forums to get help with course content.

Coursera’s has a category of specialized training courses where you will get hands-on training through a series of classes. Coursera also offers professional certificates which can qualify you for immediate employment upon completion. They also have what’s called a master track certificate which includes expert lead live instruction and will count towards an actual degree.

If you’re looking to earn a college degree online Coursera offers this from some of the leading universities around. The great thing about pursuing a Coursera degree is that you can study anywhere and you will receive the same credit as if you attended the actual classes on campus. You will likely also spend a lot less to do so.

So what are others saying about Coursera? PC Magazine gave Coursera a 4 out of the 5-star review and the G2 crowd service reviews rated them 4.6 out of 5 stars with 128 reviews. Considering this is an educational company that partners with major universities and offers online college accreditation Coursera appears to be the real deal.

So whether if you’re looking for a technical certificate for a new job or a complete college degree if learning online sounds ideal to you Coursera is going to be hard to beat. I mean who really wants to commute back and forth to school every day and follow someone else’s rigorous schedule? Learn on your own time anywhere, anyplace and get that technical certification or degree that you have always wanted with Coursera.

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