Shaw Academy: A Quick Path To Technical Expertise

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As one of the leaders in online interactive training Shaw Academy offers some of the most in-demand IT courses anywhere. Having taught over 4 million graduates Shaw Academy has the expertise and reputation to back it up.

Some of their main degree program subjects include programs for graphic design, digital marketing, Photoshop, social media marketing, mobile app development and more. One of the best parts about learning with Shaw Academy is they even have a 30-day free trial. It’s hard to beat learning new cutting edge knowledge for free!


With fully accredited online IT courses you will be able to get the skills you need without the inconvenience of having to commute to a classroom. Regardless of what device you want to learn on Shaw Academy also supports teaching you on a wide range of devices from PC desktops, mobile phones to tablets. Now let’s dive into their pool of knowledge!

seo trainingIf you want to obtain a diploma in digital marketing Shaw Academy offers a 4-week long course that contains 8 lessons for under $40 a month. You’ll be a master in the online digital marketing world in no time at all while learning topics such as targeting your audience, Google PPC and SEO, affiliate marketing, Facebook marketing, developing a sales funnel, learning data-driven marketing and generating recurring Revenue.

If you are the artistic type perhaps learning graphic design is better suited for you. For starting at under $40 a month you can get a diploma in graphic design from Shaw Academy and this includes 8 interactive lessons over 4 weeks on topics such as introduction to graphic design principles, a Photoshop course, Adobe Illustrator, web design 101 and an introduction to InDesign.

If your career requires the use of Photoshop you definitely are going to want to check out Shaw Academy’s Photoshop diploma program. With over half-a-million graduates you will become a Photoshop Pro in no time at all. The courses take a month to complete and include 8 online lessons on topics such as introduction to Photoshop, how to customize Photoshop, enhancing Photoshop, images, layer types and masking, Photoshop selection tools, creating composite images, how to retouch images and using Photoshop the right way.

photoshop trainingIf your company or business lives or dies off of its social media presence then you’re definitely going to want to check out Shaw Academy’s social media marketing diploma. Starting at under $40 a month you will become an expert in social media marketing with a 4-week long course that includes 8 lessons. The topics include social media 101, researching your audience, learning the social media platforms, how to generate your content on the major social networks, Facebook advertising 101, how to turn your social media followers into buyers, how to use social data for your marketing and sales and monetization strategies.

social media trainingIn this day and age with the explosive growth of mobile technology don’t be left behind with not knowing how to develop software for mobile phones and tablets. Luckily Shaw Academy offers a mobile app development diploma that is a month-long and includes 8 courses. These subjects include the reasons for making your mobile app, identifying your audience, coding 101, the life cycle of a mobile app, how to store data in your apps, how to make money in mobile apps, analyzing your mobile app development process and publishing your mobile app.

So now that we know some of the online IT training paths Shaw Academy offers what do their former enrollees have to say about the learning experience? The Facebook ratings for Shaw Academy have over 10,000 reviews with 4.4 out of 5 stars. On Google Play you can also see the average student seems pretty happy with the results of the education they received.

With a 30 day free trial in courses covering many of the in-demand information technology subjects today and with the convenience of learning these mission-critical technology skills at home, you may want to start the Shaw Academy free trial today, learn something new and find your way to a better life tomorrow.

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