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SimpliLearn offers a wide range of the latest professional IT training courses that have helped train students in over 500,000 careers.

With instructor-led training SimpliLearn currently has over 400 classes and some of their certifications include Scrum Master, AWS, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Big Data, CEH, and DevOps.

If you’re interested in becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer SimpliLearn currently offers 9 courses to learn the skills necessary to develop both front and back-end technologies and scalable web apps.

Data-ScientistThis master certification currently earns on average between 85K and 106K annually.

Perhaps becoming a Data Scientist is more your speed and if so SimpliLearn has you covered if you’re looking to become an expert in statistics and data science.

SimpliLearn will teach you over 50 in-demand skills and tools to become a professional data scientist led by live instructors with online classes.

You will not only have access to live classes but there are also over 17 real-life projects for you to work through to hone your skills using SimpliLearns Cloud lab platform.

Once you earn your master certification in data science it is not uncommon to make an annual average salary in the range of 85K to 106K.

If you are someone who lives and breathes online marketing then be prepared to learn the latest in marketing technologies.

Digital-Marketing-SpecialistSimpliLearn is offering 9 IT courses to become a Digital Marketing Specialist which focuses on Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Mobile, Email Marketing, Digital Analytics and more.

The great thing about SimpliLearn is you will have 365-day course access with over 35 live instructors. So learn anytime that is convenient for you.

Once you obtain your digital marketing specialist certification you can expect to earn anywhere between 111K and 135K which is the annual average salary in the US.

SimpliLearn also offers a DevOps Architect pathway. This master certification will teach you over 40 in-demand skills with access to over 50 live instructors.

You will learn to use tools such as Docker, Puppet, and Jenkins. Upon completing your DevOps Architect Certification you might earn in the range of around 90K to 240K annual salary.

If you are someone who lives and Breaths business then perhaps SimpliLearns Business Analytics Experts Master Program is what you are looking for.

Devops-Architect-CertificationThis master certification program will teach you over 40 in-demand skills and give you access to over 90 live instructors.

You will also participate in over 15 real-life projects over SimpliLearns Cloud lab to help with the learning process and develop the required skills for an in-depth understanding of Business Analytics. You will also learn Python, SAS Excel and more.

Once completing the Business Analytics Course you can expect to make anywhere between 85K and 106K a year upon obtaining your master certification as a Business Analytics Expert.

If big data is your forte then you may want to consider the Big Data Hadoop Architect master’s program.

This program is going to give you an in-depth education using Spark and NoSQL Database technology and you’re also going to learn other big data Technologies.

Big-Data-Hadoop-ArchitectUpon earning your Big Data Hadoop Architect Certification you may be eligible to earn between 100K and up to 200k per year which is the average annual salary in the US.

SimpliLearn also has a Cloud Architect Certification which contains 18 courses.  This instruction includes over 40 in-demand skills and over 25 services while completing more than 16 real-life projects to help you master the skills required.

You will also learn AWS and Azure Architectural Principles the cloud architect from SimpliLearn will teach you EC2, Route 53, BPC and more.

SimpliLearn also has a lean Six Sigma Expert Certification path that is comprised of six courses. This will give you access to over 15 live instructor-led online classes.

IT-Service-ExpertIf you want to become an IT service Expert. SimpliLearn offers 11 courses for this master certification and once you become an IT Service Expert can expect to make anywhere between 70K and $120K a year

These are just some of the more popular certification paths SimpliLearn currently offers but they also teach many more highly in-demand IT skills.

If you are interested in a fast and affordable path to take your IT career to the next level you really cannot go wrong with using SimpliLearn to get there.

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